Trance Studios

Case Overview

In the vibrant culinary scene of Kenya, Radisson Blu Hotels sought to elevate its presence and create unforgettable dining experiences. Teaming up with Trance Studios, they embarked on a journey to craft engaging content driven campaigns that resonated with their luxury guests.

Technologies Utilized:
  • Strategic Social Media Amplification
  • Compelling Visual Storytelling Techniques

Radisson Blu, Upperhill


The Challenge: Radisson Blu Hotels faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive hospitality industry, where customer expectations continue to evolve rapidly. With a focus on exceptional service and memorable experiences, they needed innovative strategies to attract and retain guests.

The Solution: Drawing on data-driven insights, Trance Studios conducted comprehensive market research to understand guest preferences, industry trends, and competitor strategies. Leveraging this knowledge, we developed engaging and targeted content across various platforms, including social media, email marketing, and blogs. Collaborating closely with Radisson Blu’s marketing and creative teams, we crafted content strategies that ensured brand consistency and resonated with the target audience. Our focus on storytelling techniques helped build brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and achieve marketing goals.

The Results:

  • Sold-out bookings for valentines, Easter and Christmas campaigns
  • 100+ digital marketing content produced and published
  • Increased social media reach and engagement by 50%