Trance Studios

Sizzling Success in Local Markets

Trance Studios collaborated with Burger King to tackle the challenge of attracting and engaging the local market in Africa, ultimately driving increased sales for the renowned fast-food chain. Our innovative solution centered on crafting a compelling social media brand persona tailored to resonate with the local audience, complemented by strategic content creation and targeted advertising leveraging machine learning algorithms.

Technologies Utilized:

  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Ad Targeting
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Influencer Partnerships and Collaborations

Burger King


The Challenge: Burger King faced the task of penetrating the local market in Africa and boosting sales amidst strong competition. The challenge lay in creating a brand identity that could effectively connect with the diverse tastes and preferences of the African consumer base.

The Solution: Trance Studios devised a multifaceted approach, starting with the creation of a distinct social media brand persona that resonated with local audiences. Our content strategy emphasized giving users a sense of ownership through relatable imagery and messaging, fostering a deeper connection with the Burger King brand. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, we implemented targeted ad campaigns to reach the right audience segments and drive engagement.

The Results:

  • Successfully gained an audience of over 30,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram, showcasing the effectiveness of our social media strategy in building brand affinity.
  • Achieved a remarkable 25% increase in online orders and a 15% boost in foot traffic each month, indicating a significant uptick in consumer engagement and sales.
  • Impressed with our outreach efforts, the campaign reached over 17.6 million people within just three months, highlighting the widespread impact of our targeted advertising and influencer collaborations.

About the Campaign: Our awareness campaign was tailored to resonate with the local population, using language and imagery that resonated with African culture. Collaborations with key food delivery partners like Jumia Food and Uber Eats, alongside partnerships with influencers like Kate Kendy, further amplified our reach and engagement, solidifying Burger King’s position as a favorite among local food enthusiasts.