The Challenge

How can Burger King, a leading global fast food restaurant, attract the local market in Africa and increase sales?

The Solution

Create a Social Media brand persona that resonates with the local market alongside content that gives users perceived ownership, leveraging the power of machine learning and Ad targeting

The Results(3 months)

Gained an audience of over 30, 000 followers across FB & IG

Increased online orders by 25% per month & foot traffic by 15% each month

Over 17, 600, 000 people reached within 3 months

About the campaign

Sharing authentic testimonials from previous shoppers increased levels of trust and changed people’s perception towards shopping online on Jumia. We worked with several partners including brands like Nokia, Loreal, Big Square, Asus among many more as well as influencers such as Maxine Wabosha, The Wa Jesus family, Maureen Waititu among so many more